Sacred Earth Temple draft



Ceramic, redwood.

12' x12' . 400cm x 400cm

What could a sacred earth spiritual space look like? This draft is inspired by encountered medieval churches ornate with flowers and animals, and sacred earth spirituality practice. The circular shape removes hierarchies and the 4 elements (earth air fire and water) are placed in alignment with the cardinal points. Earth beings, ecofeminist quotes are present to accompany spiritual growth.

Image 1 : Transpalette, Bourges, @Margo Montigny

Other images : FRAC Aquitaine, @Suzanne Husky

The unique song of all that is

Le chant unique de tout ce qui est

A conversation between Starhawk and Suzanne Husky

For this temple, and the exhibition Narcisse ou la Floraison des Mondes at the FRAC Aquitaine, I interview beloved author, Reclaiming priestess, philosopher, activist Starhawk. 

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