Text for the exhibition Markkontroll [Ground Control] Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden 


"I was offered 3 important things when I was young, outdoor time, a pruner and Les Jardins of Michel Baridon, history of gardens through literature. Ever since I always have a pruner in my bag for plants and safety and have kept learning about agriculture systems.

At some point in my 20ies, I realized I did not know the names of the plants. After a year in China(2002-2003) where the air was unbreathable, bok choy was grown on the smallest patches of land and amended with poo, waters were spoiled, and forests were being torn out to be planted in cities for “green city” competitions; I went back to school for four years of landscape horticulture studies in Oakland California. I became a gardener and plant consultant for a landscape designer. As a gardener I worked for wealthy folks and my co-workers were Mexicans, we were cheap labor - that is the first politic of plants point I encountered; the social status of the gardener; 1 - the gardeners, primary caregivers of earth is a non valued worker, 2 - nongardeners do not know how to interact with their gardens, gardens are sets for hosting, real estate value, social status, “nature” etc

The landscape world holds the complexity of the situation we are in, the spectrum of practices is vast. I worked with indigenous plants from native nurseries with permaculture techniques to planting tropical landscapes in our drought California landscapes. As a plant consultant, I was petrified with anxiety all the time; will the plants handle this soil, the weather, the pollution, the sun exposure, will the future caretakers understand the plants and let them become what they have to become etc etc. There are a lot of things to weigh in and mostly we had to work fast and make spectacular gardens (a little like in the art world !). No slow soil building, no patience for the delicate more discreet plants, no rain catchments etc. I was quickly disillusioned by the landscaping world where the plants are all patterned and mass-produced. But I never left that world, i just stepped into a place where my relation to earth was healthier. Now I built soils, it’s my passion. I used my art to research the history of landscape, ethnobotany, politics of weeds, ag.tech etc. (I also taught Landscape in the art school of Orleans and "Plant matters" at the San Francisco Art Institute)

Other books that changed my life (there are many, we’ve had a book group on those topics for years and have grown together) Forest, the shadow of civilisation of Robert Pogue Harrison and Tending the Wild, Native American Knowledge and the Management of California's Natural Resources by Kat Anderson. Anderson’s book is a history of the California landscape and how food abundance had been created over a period of 12 000 years, which taught me to work with what is there as opposed to against it. Of course, she deconstructs John Muir philosophy of “virgin landscapes” that have just set a stage for contemporary fire issues and so much more. Starhawk is also core as she unpacks how the domination of woman and nature are the same thing, but also teaches land regeneration and permaculture and eco-spirituality!"


Collaboration with Earth Activist Training

Jan 2020 to dec 2021

Narcisse ou la floraison des mondes

DU 7 DÉCEMBRE 2019 AU 8 AOUT 2020

Dans notre sac de graines et d'etoiles, Réanimer et repolitiser notre lien au sol et au vivant

6 ET 7 NOVEMBRE 2020



Markkontroll (Ground Control)

Bildmuseet, Umea Sweden

12 juin au 27 octobre 2020

The penumbral age,

art in the time of planetary change

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw


"Quand les artistes passent a table"

Ministère de la culture-Développement durable

Exposition itinérante 2017-2020

Hotel du département, Albi



Le cyclop, Milly-la-foret

jusqu'au 27 septembre 2020




La Fondation Villa Datris, Lisle-sur-la-Sorge

jusqu'au 1/11/2020 



"Ici commence le chemin des montagnes #campements”

Lourdes Musée Pyrenéen

10/07/2020 - 31/11/2020





Transpalette - Centre d'art contemporain de bourges. 

9/10/2020 - 17/01/2021



IAC Villeurbanne

29/10/2020 - 2021


Aux Arbres! 

Le Nouveau Ministère de l'Agriculture

14/11/2020 -02/2021

La cuisine, Centre d'art et de design, Negrepelisse



AFTER LIFE (we survive)

Curated by Thea Quiray Tagle

Coven intelligence program

11/2020 to 02/2021 YBCA, San Francisco


Publications ---> 

Critical Zones: The Science & Politics of Landing on Earth

Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

The MIT Press. 2020

Texts by: 80 authors, among them Isabelle Stengers, John Tresch, Richard Powers, Bruno Latour, Donna Haraway, Joseph Leo Koerner, Peter Weibel

« Ici commence le chemin des montages »

BRUNEAU Marie et GENIER Bertrand. 2019

Editions cairn

Narcisse ou la floraison des mondes

Les fleurs dans l'art contemporain

Actes Sud. 2019


2017- Plant Matters - SFAI

2012 - 2014 - Professeure en Paysage.

Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et de Design d’Orléans



2019 -Exposition personnelle du Nouveau Ministère de l’agriculture (duo artistique avec Stéphanie Sagot), La Cuisine Centre d’art et de design, Nègrepelisse

2018 - Des terroirs des hommes et du temps, Galerie Interface, Dijon

L'innovation au coeur de la Tradition, programmation Parc Saint Leger, Lycee Nevers

Le Gout des chose simples, CAC de Lacoux, Ain

Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris


2015 - #theraceforwhatsleft - École des Beaux Arts de Bayonne.


2015 - Le Lieu d’art - La Halle Jean Gattégno- Pont-en-Royans

“Now is the time to love with all of your heart and all of your soul and all of your mind.”


2015 - Galerie du Second Jeudi - “Notre liberté”


2014 - La Cuisine, Negrepelisse, France

Inauguration du nouveau centre d’art et de design de Negrepelisse


2012 - Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco “Shovels, physiocrats and the light footed heavy souls” - Obtention du Frey Norris Award


2012 - Musée du Couserans, Seix, France “Dernieres Bouchées Sauvages”


2011 - Recology, SF, CA“Sleeper Cell Raising”


2010 - La Galerie Bien, Toulouse, France “Avec Les Animaux Autours”


2010 - World Financial Center, Winter Garden, NYNY, invitée par Ecoartspace “Forest”


2010 - De Young Museum, Kimball Gallery, SF “Forest”


2009 - [Pollen] Monflanquin. France “Moderne Vie Sauvage”


2008 - Triple Base Gallery, SF, CA “You make me make you”


2005 - Adobe Books, SF, CA, curated by Eleanor Harwood “Rock Garden”

2004 - Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, “ Root hormone”




  • De fils et de fibres, Abbaye de Meymac
  • Elements de langage, La cuisine, Negrepelisse
  • Mademoiselle, CRAC Sete
  • Drawing Now, Carreau du temple, Paris
  • Pure Waste, Biennial luxe et environment, COAL, Carreau du temple, Paris
  • Le menuisier de Picomtal, Centre d'art Les Capucins, EmbrunHautes Alpes
  • Manières de faire, manières d'agir, Bel Ordinaire, Pau

2017 -

  • 62ème salon de Montrouge, Ville de Montrouge

  • Suzanne Husky, Thomas Raynaud Verrière, Les Tannerie, Centre d'Art contemporain

  • Trait d’humour, Médiathèque de Lège-Cap Ferret

  • Quand les artistes passent a table, Alimentation Generale, Ministere de la culture

  • BD Factory, Frac Aquitaine

  • Discussion and Sunset Walk, Irvin Street Project

  • Chassé croisé, Château de Champlitte(programmation Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature)

  • "Comme les chutes d'eau déjà tremblent dedans la source" à l'Espace arts plastiques de Vénissieux. Une exposition collective autour de la collection, à voir jusqu'au 29 avril.

  • Oeuvre pérenne Aeroport San Francisco, San Francisco

  • Des mondes aquatiques #1, Centre international d'art et du paysage de Vassivière, samedi 18 mars au 11juin 2017


2016 - Le Nugget Show, la Panacée - Montpellier.

  • Sequoia dream, La Galerie Noisy le Sec

  • The Milky Way complex, D Tour, Wisconsin (Culture and Agriculture Biennale), USA

  • Anne et Lucie, Musée de Valence, Valence

  • Echos Sauvages, programmation L’Ile d’en face, Nantes


2015 - Permanent Vacation, Bordeaux

  • La Petite Escalère, Portes Ouvertes

  • Randonnées périurbaines, Rives droites, Bordeaux, Du parc d’armateur à Jardiland

  • Parcours d’art contemporain de Sundgau “Bogue”

  • Parcours d’art contemporain de Sundgau “Alcoves végétales”


2014 - Panorama, Biennale de la Rive droite, Bordeaux, Du parc d’armateur a Jardiland

  • Centre d’art et de photographie de Lectoure, On the Nature of Things

  • Maison Salvan, Labège, Le rêve d’une chose


2013 - Milieu, Domaine de Chamarande “Jardin à la française sauvage”

  • Ressources Poétiques, Abattoirs de Toulouse Wash

  • Grand T, Nantes, Programmation vidéo, Musée de la Chasse, Paris Rencontrer l’animal


2012 - Headland Center For the Arts 30 year anniversary exhibit

  • Parcours d’art contemporain, Musée des arts Georges Pompidou Cajarc

‘Lever une carte”


2011 - Evento 2011, Bordeaux Biennale Petite et Grande Histoire

  • Bay Area Now 6, Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco triennale

Sleeper Cell Hotel

  • Zombies-proof house Di Rosa Foundation Sleeper Cell

  • Art Horizon Nature, Auvergne, France Brindille

  • Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona, Spain Ariege Against the Machine


2010 - The Lab, SF Forest

  • Kala Arts Berkeley, Groundswell” curator Betti-Sue Hertz Modern Wild Lives

  • Intersection 5M, Intersection For the Arts curated by Kevin Chen

Rewilding with intentions

  • World Financial Center, Winter Garden Forest, installation

  • San Francisco Art Commission Forest, installation


2009 - Chinese cultural center Biennale, SF Made in China, Installation

  • Kaunass BIENNALE, ”Dress you up with my love”


2008 - Skyline college gallery, San Bruno

Enhanced Interrogation techniques, dessins, installation

  • Southern exposure, SF Free Range ”Eco heroes”


  • FRAC Aquitaine 2016

  • FRAC Midi Pyrénées - Acquisition video Wash 2012

  • CNAP



2010 - Diplome de paysagisme horticole, Merritt College Oakland, USA

2000 - DNSEP, Beaux Arts de Bordeaux



2016 Creative villages Leytron, Suisse

2016 La Panacee Montpellier

2015 Nekatonea Hendaye

2015 Moly Sabata, Fondation Albert Gleize, Sablons

2014 Panorama, biennale de la rive droite, Bassens

2013 La Cuisine, centre d’art et de design, Negrepelisse

2012 Maison Daura, Saint Cir Lapopie

2012 Casa d’Oro Hors Les Murs, Ariege France

2011 Headlands Center for The Arts, Marin, CA

2011 PLAND, Nouveaux Mexique, residence “Off the grid”

2010 San Francisco Dump CA

2010 De Young Museum Kimball Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009 Pola, Bordeaux, France

2009 Biennale de Kaunass en Lituania

2009 Casa d’Oro. Mas D’azil, Ariege, France

2009 [Pollen] Monflanquin. France

2008 Creative Capital Workshop, SF, CA

2005 A Suivre..., Bordeaux, France, préparation de Domaine Arboricole.