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Shovels, physiocrats and the light footed heavy souls

Solo show

Wendy Norris Gallery


Wash, 1h video 

The Plowing lesson, 20m

Holy shovels 10 photographs of selected Noli me tangere paintings

Paipai pot, pot made from drilling mud and 2 photographs of sacramento clay manufacturing facility.

Steep ravine, photograph

The piece created for the exhibition is the Paipai pot (image to the right), a pot made from drilling mud obtained from a Sacramento clay manufacture. The clay has gone down a drilling well a few miles deep, in the Bakersfield area, central California. Drilling mud is used to seal the wells, the clay expands and keeps chemicals from infiltrating underground water tables.

The mud we obtained is filled with undisclosed chemicals and oil. The pot could not be fired, as it can't properly dry.

Views from the exhibition

No title. Subtitled video stills from Brave New World

Holy shovels. Noli me tangere

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